Fortnite Monopoly - 2nd Edition Purple

£17.99 for a 2nd Edition Fortnite Monopoly from Maqio Toys




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Fortnite Monopoly - 2nd Edition Purple

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£17.99 for a 2nd Edition Fortnite Monopoly from Maqio Toys

Product Features

  • Monopoly: Get Monopoly Fortnite edition today!
  • Fortnite: Enjoy this classic game with a twist now in a Fortnite edition, with Fortnite skins (characters) and battle against your friends and family to avoid the storm!
  • Skins: Travel round the board as your favourite skins, such as Drift and Rex for a different Monopoly journey than your familiar dog or car board pieces.
  • Includes: Featuring 195 pieces in this edition of Monopoly Fortnite.
  • Age Range: Recommended for children aged 13 years and above.
  • Gift: This is a great gift.

Full Details

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We’re offering you Monopoly Fortnite Edition from just £17.99 >, saving you 25% off when compared to Hamley’s price of £24 (correct as of 18.10.23).

Monopoly Fortnite Edition: A Fusion of Classics

Embark on an exciting board journey with the Monopoly Fortnite Edition, where the classic family-friendly board game meets the dynamic world of one of the most popular video games in recent times. This edition invites players to experience Monopoly through the thrilling prism of Fortnite, incorporating the battle royale elements and Fortnite skins characters into the traditional real estate gameplay. Traverse the board, indulge in the thrilling classic game twist, and immerse yourself in a blend of nostalgic and contemporary gaming.

Fortnite Skins Characters: Embark on a Unique Adventure

Step into the shoes of your favourite Fortnite skins characters, such as Drift and Rex, and navigate through iconic locations, swapping the conventional tokens for characters that have become synonymous with modern gaming culture. The battle royale boardgame brings the heart-pounding, storm-dodging action of Fortnite into a tangible format, letting you strategize and avoid the storm to secure victory against your opponents in a setting that feels comfortably familiar yet exhilaratingly new.

Family Friendly Game: An Engaging Gift for All

With 195 game pieces and a vivid, intricately designed board, the Monopoly Fortnite Edition offers a plethora of opportunities for strategic play and spirited competition. Tailored for players recommended age 13 and above, it ensures competitive fun that bridges generations. Whether for casual family game nights or as a great gift idea for the young (and the young at heart!), this innovative iteration of Monopoly promises countless hours of interactive and engaging gameplay, wrapping it up as a perfect parcel of joy for any occasion.

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    This deal is brought to you by MAQIO LIMITED VAT number: GB991497269