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Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum

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£17.99 instead of £29.99 for a Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum - save up to 40%

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We're offering you a Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum for £17.99, saving you up to 40% off Stockk Limited's's price of £29.99 (correct as of 28.03.2024).


Make quick cleanups a breeze with the Dirt Devil Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner HH12. This compact and powerful handheld vacuum is designed for convenience, offering cordless operation, lightweight maneuverability, and efficient cleaning for various surfaces. Enjoy the freedom of cordless cleaning with the Dirt Devil HH12. Tackle messes without being tethered to an outlet, allowing you to reach every corner of your home effortlessly. The HH12 is designed to be lightweight for easy handling. Its compact size and weight make it ideal for quick pickups and on-the-go cleaning.


Equipped with a disk filter, this handheld vacuum effectively captures dust and debris, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. With a runtime of up to 20 minutes, the HH12 provides ample time to address small messes without the need for constant recharging. Suitable for various surfaces, including carpets. This handheld vacuum is a versatile cleaning solution for different areas of your home. The HH12 operates on a rechargeable battery, offering flexibility and portability during your cleaning sessions. Select the appropriate setting for the surface you're cleaning.

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The Dirt Devil Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner HH12 combines portability with powerful cleaning performance. Keep your living spaces tidy with the convenience of cordless and lightweight operation. From carpets to upholstery, the HH12 is your go-to solution for quick and efficient cleanups. Ensure the handheld vacuum is charged before use. Maneuver the lightweight and cordless vacuum to quickly address spills, crumbs, and other messes. Empty the dustbin when needed for continued optimal performance.

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This deal is brought to you by Stockk Limited VAT number: GB411717230