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A Grey Toddlers' Step Stool for the Kitchen

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Product Features

  • Toddlers' independence tower: Foster self-reliance in your child with HOMCOM Kids Step Stools—innovative solutions designed to make daily tasks accessible and enjoyable for toddlers.
  • Adjustable learning heights: The step stools feature a customisable footboard, promoting independence in the kitchen, washroom, and dining room while ensuring stability with a trapezoid structure and safety measures.
  • Versatile and secure: These step stools offer adjustable heights, non-toxic HDPE and MDF material, and non-slip features with guard railings for a secure learning tower suitable for various occasions, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Safe, durable construction: Crafted from odour-free MDF and HDPE, these step stools can withstand up to 50kg of weight, prioritising safety with guardrails and handrails to prevent falls—a perfect solution for kids aged 18 months to 6 years.
  • Design and uses: Available in white and grey, these step stools blend seamlessly with any decor. Their trapezoid structure, EN71-1-2-3 certification, and versatile dimensions make them ideal for fostering independence in growing children.

Full Details

Let your tiny toddler take big strides and rise one step at a time.

We’re offering you a Toddlers' Kitchen Step Stool with Adjustable Standing Platform for £55 or a step stool in grey for £57, saving you up to 54% off Mhstar’s prices (1) (2) (correct as of 10.12.23).

Take independent steps with Toddlers' Step Stools

Discover the perfect solution for your little one's everyday tasks with the HOMCOM Kids Step Stools. These innovative stools are designed to cultivate independence and help children engage in daily activities. Available in two variations, these step stools are a game-changer for parents seeking safe and versatile solutions.

Key features for Toddlers’ Kitchen Step Stool Learning Tower

  • The removable footboard offers three adjustment levels, allowing your child (aged 3 to 6) to comfortably reach various surfaces, making it an ideal learning tower for kitchen activities.
  • This versatile standing tower is perfect for the kitchen, washroom, and dining room, encouraging good habits of independence in children.
  • Crafted from odour-free MDF, the step stool's trapezoid structure ensures stability, and it can withstand a weight capacity of up to 50kg.
  • Safety is prioritised with guardrails and handrails that provide perfect support, preventing your child from falling out of high places.

Key features for Toddlers’ Step Stool with Adjustable Standing Platform (Grey)

  • The toddler step stool features three removable platform levels that are adjustable to different heights based on your preference. An excellent standing tower for kids who are learning to help in the kitchen and explore various activities.
  • Crafted from HDPE material, this step stool is non-toxic with no unpleasant odour. The trapezoid structure enhances stability and balance, while guardrails and handrails provide perfect support to prevent falls.
  • Versatile and useful, the kids standing tower is suitable for multiple occasions, promoting children's independence in the kitchen, washroom, and dining room.
  • A non-slip mat prevents slipping and falling, making it a secure option for various spaces, including the bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, and indoor, and outdoor areas.
  • Ideal for kids aged 18 months to 5 years, this step stool is a practical and safe solution for their growing needs.


  • Colour: White, grey
  • Material: MDF, HDPE
  • Overall dimension: stool 1 - L 40cm x W 50cm x H 90 cm; stool 2 - L 47cm x W 47cm x H 90cm
  • Platform dimension of grey tool: L 40cm x W 18cm x T 4cm (Lower), L 40cm x W 28.5cm x T 4cm (Upper)
  • Suitable ages: 18 months - 6 years old
  • Upper baffle size: L 40cm x W 2cm x H 22cm
  • Lower baffle size: L 40cm x W 2cm x H 24.5 cm
  • Certification: EN71-1-2-3

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    This deal is brought to you by Mhstar Uk Ltd VAT number: GB103973325