Orthopaedic Bonnell Spring Mattress in 5 Sizes

From £59 instead of £120 for An Orthopaedic Bonnell Spring Mattress from Aspire Store - save up to 51%




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Orthopaedic Bonnell Spring Mattress in 5 Sizes

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From £59 instead of £120 for An Orthopaedic Bonnell Spring Mattress from Aspire Store - save up to 51%

Product Features

  • Perfect comfort: Crafted with orthopaedic spring tech for ideal support and comfort, sleeping on this mattress is as cosy as sleeping on a soft, fluffy cloud!
  • Cool touch cover: The knitted cool touch cover technology adds an extra layer of luxury, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing sleep experience.
  • Medium tension: Designed with your comfort and support in mind, this mattress offers a medium tension that envelops your body while providing the necessary support.
  • Hand-tufted: The hand-tufting ensures that the mattress maintains its shape and longevity, providing you with years of uninterrupted sleep.
  • No cleaning hassles: The mattress is dust and mite resistant offering you a cleaner sleeping environment.
  • Hypoallergenic: Engineered to reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies, this mattress promotes a healthier night's sleep.
  • Manufactured in the UK: See more about the Aspire product making process here.

Full Details

Get ready to spring out of bed feeling refreshed with this mattress - it's the back-bone of a good night's sleep!


We’re offering you an Orthopaedic Bonnell Spring Mattress from just £59, saving you up to 51% off Aspire Store’s prices (correct as of 8.10.23).

Size options

  • Small Single: £59
  • Single: £59
  • Small Double: £89
  • Double: £89
  • King: £99

Elevated sleep experience

Elevate your sleep experience with this mattress which offers quality, comfort, and tradition - all rolled into one exceptional product. Crafted to deliver exceptional comfort and support, this mattress is a testament to craftsmanship and value. Invest in your well-being and make restless nights a thing of the past.

No more stiff back or backache

  • This mattress is ingeniously designed with orthopaedic spring technology, providing the perfect balance of support and softness. It's like sleeping on a cloud that knows exactly how to cradle your body.
  • The Orthopaedic Bonnell Spring Mattress is engineered to promote spinal alignment, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.
  • No more stiff backs or back aches when you wake up. You rise refreshed each morning, ready to take on your daily tasks.

Is the mattress hypoallergenic??

This orthopaedic mattress is dust and mite-resistant making it hypoallergenic and safe to use by all.

Mattress dimensions:

  • Small single: L 190cm x W 75cm
  • Single: L 190cm x W 90cm
  • Small double: L 190cm x W 120cm
  • Double: L 190cm x W 135cm
  • King: L 200cm x W 150cm
  • Depth: 18cm

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    This deal is brought to you by Aspire Furniture