Heavy Duty Extra Large Waterproof Outdoor Storage Box




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Heavy Duty Extra-Large Outdoor Storage Box, Green Lid

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Product Features

  • Garden storage: Get an extra-large outdoor storage box.
  • Waterproof: Fully waterproof and weatherproof made of durable polypropylene plastic.
  • Capacity: 280-litre capacity.
  • Dimensions: W 112cm x H 54cm x D 49cm.
  • Practical: Ideal for tidying up outdoor spaces.
  • Options: Get a grey box with a green or brown lid!

Full Details

Big fish, little fish, outdoor box…

We’re offering you an extra-large outdoor storage box for just £39.99, saving you 64% off Direct2Publik's price of £111 (correct as of 8.8.23).

Fully waterproof and weatherproof, this garden box will prove to be a hearty companion in the fight against garden clutter. There will be no job too big (within a limit of 280 litres - it's not a Tardis or anything like that) as it stores away all your plant pots, gardening tools, toys and more without complaint. Lovely.

What is The Purpose Of A Storage Box?

A storage box is essential for keeping your garden neat and tidy. With a plastic storage box, you will be able to safely store away a whole host of outdoor essentials including garden tools, seat cushions, toys and more. Made from plastic, the storage box is waterproof therefore it will protect your belongings from the inclement British weather! The box itself is also durable and sturdy, so are designed to withstand extreme external weather conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of A Garden Storage Box?

There are many benefits to having a garden storage box. Not only is it handy for keeping all your garden essentials tidy, but it also allows you to store everyone in one easy to reach place. Whether it’s your plant pots, gardening tools, garden furniture or more, you’ll be able to keep everything together in one area with easy access when you need them. Plus, it’s ideal for keeping your garden gear dry during those likely summer showers, whilst also preventing your electric or metal equipment from getting rusty. A storage box also takes less space than a traditional garden shed so is much more space efficient especially in smaller gardens!


Plastic storage boxes, particularly those made from durable polypropylene, are designed to be sturdy. This means they can withstand extreme weather conditions and will last for years to come. Plastic is also a waterproof material so you can guarantee that your belongings will remain dry and rust-free. If that wasn’t enough, plastic is a great material for a garden storage box as it is lightweight enough to be transported so you can move the box around your garden to suit your space.

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This deal is brought to you by Direct2Publik VAT number: GB994545370

This deal is brought to you by Direct2Publik VAT number: GB994545370