Red Oleander Bush - 45-60cm with 15cm Pot

£24.99 instead of £29.99 for a red Oleander bush - 45-60cm with 15cm pot from You Garden Ltd - save 17%




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Red Oleander Bush - 45-60cm with 15cm Pot

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£24.99 instead of £29.99 for a red Oleander bush - 45-60cm with 15cm pot from You Garden Ltd - save 17%

Product Features

  • Oleander Plant: Complete your garden with a red Oleander bush!
  • Garden Gem: A botanical wonder to give your greenery the dazzle it needs!
  • Endless Summer: A thriving summer-long plant – when our sun does shine.
  • Easy Care: Exotic and winter-hardy; ideal for those new budding gardeners!
  • Stunning Look: Mediterranean magic that’ll effortlessly bloom in UK gardens!
  • Complete Package: Arriving in a 15cm pot, you’ll be ready to give your new bundle of nature a cosy home!

Full Details

This is an am-bush - because why wouldn’t you want such a gorgeous plant!

We’re offering you a red Oleander bush - 15cm pot for £24.99, saving you 17% off You Garden Ltd’s price of £29.99 (correct as of 13.06.24).

Red Oleander Bush

Imagine a Mediterranean gem that spruces up your garden with height, vibrant color, and a fragrance so delightful it makes your nose do a happy dance. Meet the Red Oleander Bush! This botanical wonder offers a carnival of color, sweet-scented blossoms, and luxurious evergreen leaves. Flowering all summer, it’s the garden’s version of a never-ending beach holiday. Despite its exotic appearance, it's surprisingly winter-hardy. And the best part? It’s so low maintenance that even the most forgetful gardener can keep it thriving. Perfect for hot and dry weather, this plant is practically begging to be left alone to bask in the sun!

Summer-Long Blooms

Prepare for a stunning delight that lasts for months, courtesy of the hardy and effortlessly chic Red Oleander Bush. These Mediterranean marvels aren’t just eye candy; they’re perfectly happy in UK gardens too! Why not try growing your own slice of the Med? This plant promises to infuse your garden with exotic warmth, whether it’s nestled in beds and borders or perched in a stylish terracotta pot on your balcony. The rich, glossy evergreen foliage remains lush all year, serving as the perfect backdrop for clusters of elegant red flowers from May to September. Minimal maintenance means more time to enjoy your garden cocktails!


Your new garden superstar comes in a 15cm pot, ready to dazzle. Think of it as a starter pack for your horticultural adventures. Just give it a home, a little bit of love (or not, it's pretty chill), and watch it flourish. It’s like having a Mediterranean vacation plant without the airfare. This plant is hard to say no to, so you should probably give in now and prepare your garden to welcome a new beauty!

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    • Supplied as approximately 45-60cm tall in a 15cm pot.
    • Important: Contact with Oleander foliage and sap may irritate the skin. All parts of the Oleander plant are toxic if ingested.
    • Subject to availability.
    • Delivery excludes selected postcodes in Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Channel Islands (excl. Isle of Man).
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    This deal is brought to you by You Garden Ltd t/a Blooming Direct VAT number: GB126555021

    This deal is brought to you by You Garden Ltd t/a Blooming Direct VAT number: GB126555021