Six Dwarf Patio Pillar Fruit Trees Collection

£16.99 instead of £59.99 for six dwarf patio fruit trees from Gardening Express - save 72%




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Six Dwarf Patio Pillar Fruit Trees Collection

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Save 72%!
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£16.99 instead of £59.99 for six dwarf patio fruit trees from Gardening Express - save 72%

Product Features

  • Plants: Watch your garden blossom with six dwarf patio fruit trees.
  • Features: Many of the trees in this collection are self-fertile, ensuring a reliable harvest.
  • Fruits: These trees are capable of producing full-sized fruits as early as the first year of planting.
  • Planting: These plants can be kept in tubs or be integrated into your garden landscape, offering flexible planting options.
  • Varieties: This diverse collection features a selection of six fruits, such as apple gala, plum Stanley and pear conference!
  • Supplied as: Supplied at around 60-80cms tall on delivery.

Full Details

I figured you’ll go bananas for this deal. It’s berry exciting!

We’re offering you a six dwarf patio fruit trees for £16.99, saving you 72% off Gardening Express’ price of £59.99 (correct as of 09.04.24).

Dwarf patio pillar fruit trees

If you're looking to add a touch of orchard charm to your patio or garden, our collection of dwarf patio pillar fruit trees is an ideal choice. These compact yet prolific trees are perfect for small spaces, thriving in patio planters and maintaining a manageable size with regular pruning. Whether you have limited outdoor space or simply prefer the convenience of growing fruit trees in containers, our selection offers versatility and beauty.

Mini orchard collection

Transform your outdoor living space into a vibrant mini orchard with our carefully curated collection of six superb fruit trees. Featuring varieties such as apple gala, plum Stanley, and pear conference, each tree in this collection is selected for its flavourful fruit and compact growth habit. With self-fertile options and vigorous growth, these trees are ready to thrive in your garden or patio, providing you with a bountiful harvest year after year.

Patio fruit trees

Our patio fruit trees offer the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy homegrown fruit without the need for a sprawling garden. These dwarf varieties, including apples and pear, are specifically chosen for their ability to produce delicious, full-sized fruit in the first year after planting. With a maximum height of 1.8m and the option to keep them in tubs on your patio, you can easily incorporate these trees into your outdoor space and revel in the beauty of their spring blossoms and vividly coloured fruit.

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    • Supplied as bare roots at around 60-80cms tall on delivery.
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    This deal is brought to you by Gardening Express

    This deal is brought to you by Gardening Express