Runaway Rolling Alarm Clock- 4 Colours

£13.99 instead £29.99 for a runaway rolling bedside alarm from UK Dream Store – save 53%




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Runaway Rolling Alarm Clock- 4 Colours

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£13.99 instead £29.99 for a runaway rolling bedside alarm from UK Dream Store – save 53%

Product Features

  • Runaway Rolling Alarm Clock: Introduce a new gadget to your morning routine with this runaway alarm clock!
  • Colour Options: Available in black, white, pink and yellow, choose the alarm clock that suits your bedroom décor.
  • Smart Alarm Clock: This bedside alarm clock will jump up from up to a 3ft nightstand, walk, hide and shake to wake you up, guaranteed to get you up on time.
  • Sound: Unusually loud, this rolling alarm clock sounds just like R2D2, and will not rest until you’re up!
  • Perfect Gift: Know someone who always presses snooze, this alarm is the perfect assistant for their mornings!
  • Easy to Use: With easy to set options, this alarm clock is simple to operate. It lights up upon the given time, making it easy to locate.

Full Details

Quick! Your latest gadget is getting away!

We’re offering you a runaway rolling bedside alarm for just £13.99, saving you 53% off UK Dream Store’s price of £29.99 (correct as of 15.06.24).

Quirky Alarm Clock

Meet Clocky, the energetic alarm clock on wheels that is designed to get you out of bed in the morning. With its unique ability to jump, hide, walk, and change directions, Clocky is sure to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. This fun and annoying gadget is perfect for kids, teens, and adults who struggle to wake up on time. Clocky is available in four vibrant colours – black, pink, white, and yellow – to suit your style and personality.

Loud Alarm Clock

Not only is Clocky playful, but it is also incredibly loud. With a sound similar to R2D2, Clocky is impossible to sleep through. If you or someone you know abuses the snooze button, Clocky is the perfect solution. Whether you place it on carpet or wood, Clocky will roll off your nightstand and force you to get up and chase it to turn off the alarm. Say goodbye to oversleeping with Clocky, the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Mobile Alarm Clock

Clocky is not your ordinary alarm clock – it is a digital mobile alarm clock that lights up in the dark and springs into action when it’s time to get up. With easy-to-set time and snooze options, Clocky can be customized to suit your waking up preferences. Whether you choose to snooze once or turn off the snooze feature altogether, Clocky will ensure that you are up and ready to start your day. Get your hands on Clocky today and experience the unique and effective way to wake up on time.


  • Size: H 16.5cm x L 11.5cm x W11cm
  • Power Source: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
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