300 Summer Bulb Collection - 7 Varieties

£10.99 instead of £14.99 for a 300 summer bulb collection - 7 varieties from You Garden - save 27%




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300 Summer Bulb Collection - 7 Varieties

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£10.99 instead of £14.99 for a 300 summer bulb collection - 7 varieties from You Garden - save 27%

Product Features

  • Summer bulbs: Get the complete summer flowering bulb collection.
  • Seven varieties: Includes seven beautiful varieties to fill your summer garden with this spectacular array of colourful flowers.
  • 300 Bulbs: 10 x Gladioli mixed colours | 40 x Liatris Spicata | 45 x Acidanthera | 75 x Brodiaea mixed colours | 20 x Freesia mixed colours | 75 x Allium Yellow Moly | 35 x Allium White Neapolitanum
  • Planting: Perfect for patio pots and containers, as well as in groups in the border.
  • When to plant: Plant from January to May for a huge mixture of summer long colour, shapes, and height which last for the five whole months of summer.
  • Ideal Gift: Surprise your favourite person with a collection that blossoms just like them!

Full Details

Today's deal is blooming beautiful!

We’re offering you a 300 summer bulb collection - 7 varieties for £10.99, saving you 27% off You Garden’s price of £14.99 (correct as of 26.04.24).

Summer Flowering Bulb Collection

Revitalise your garden this summer with an exceptional assortment of summer-flowering bulbs! Prepare to be mesmerised by an array of lush colours that will grace your garden for five months straight! From the majestic Gladioli to the charming Brodiaea, in a vibrant spectrum of hues, these bulbs are guaranteed showstoppers. Ideal for both patio containers and flower borders, they promise to infuse your outdoor space with unparalleled beauty.

Naturalise and Thrive

There’s nothing better than the allure of natural beauty! Not only will these bulbs dazzle you this summer, but they'll also effortlessly naturalise, ensuring even grander displays in the years to come. With a minimum of 300 stems bursting with vivid colours this season alone, your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Each bulb promises endless beauty that will delight both you and pollinators alike.

Stunning Selection

Infuse your garden with the allure of summer using this diverse assortment, showcasing a range of captivating bulbs, including the fabulous Freesias. Whether gracing your garden beds, patio planters, or adorning your indoor vases, these bulbs bring sophistication and fragrance to every space. With an assortment of hues and blossom shapes, your garden will be ablaze with vitality and colour all summer long, crafting a dynamic sanctuary for your enjoyment.

Planting Instructions

Summer bulbs should be planted in spring when the soil is beginning to warm up and directly after purchase. Your bulbs will enjoy a warm, sunny position, in fertile, free-draining soil. Heavy, clay soil can be improved by digging in 1-2 buckets of coarse sand per square meter. To plant, dig individual holes for each bulb or a trench if you're planting in groups. Place bulbs in the holes without pushing down hard. Make sure the growing point is pointing upwards, then cover with soil. Use the bulb as a guide and plant it at two or three times its depth. Space them approximately two to three bulb widths apart. Many summer bulbs are ideal for growing in patio containers, especially the more tender species, which can then be stored over winter. Store the bulbs in dry paper bags or trays of almost dry sand in a frost-free place.

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    This deal is brought to you by You Garden Ltd t/a Blooming Direct VAT number: GB126555021