Low Carb 'Weight Loss' Online Hypnosis Programme

£8.10 for an online low carb 'weight loss' programme from Lifting Hypnosis



Low Carb Hypnosis Programme Deal
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Low Carb 'Weight Loss' Online Hypnosis Programme

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£8.10 for an online low carb 'weight loss' programme from Lifting Hypnosis


  • Weight management: Tackle the low carb life with today's 'weight loss' programme.
  • Control cravings: Focuses on reducing those hard-to-resist cravings for carbs.
  • Information guides: Take advantage of five PDF guides packed with information about exactly what carbs are, how the body breaks them down, and how to replace them.
  • Food choices: With helpful hints including example menus and shopping lists to make it that much easier.
  • Hypnosis tracks: Plus six hypnosis tracks to let your subconscious join the fight against carb cravings!
  • Listen anywhere: Download and listen at home or on the go!

Full Details

Fed up of feeling unfit? Why weight to start a new lifestyle? You… are… not… feeling… very… hungry…

We're offering you an online 'low carb weight loss programme' for just £9 from Lifting Hypnosis.

Lifting Hypnosis is here to help you take steps to become more content with your weight! Finding the idea of a carb-free life hard to imagine? If the majority of your meals revolve around pasta, rice, bread and sugar, it can be hard to cut out the carbs that stand in the way of weight loss, but with today's deal you can learn all about enjoying a low-carb diet without the struggle. The five PDF packs included are packed with informative and easy to follow guides on what to cut out and how to replace carbs in meals, with plenty of info on exactly what carbs are and how they affect the body. Take advantage of the food logs, menu samples and shopping lists included that can take you on a journey to a brand new you. Also included are six hypnosis recordings (why not let your subconscious do some of the hard work for once?), so there's no excuse to not give it a try! You might need to go jeans shopping soon...

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This deal is brought to you by Lifting Hypnosis

This deal is brought to you by Lifting Hypnosis