Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course

£10 instead of £29 for an Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course from Lead Academy - save 66%




Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course
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Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course

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£10 instead of £29 for an Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course from Lead Academy - save 66%


  • Comprehensive trainer development: This Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course offers comprehensive training in various roles, learning styles, and management techniques for aspiring trainers.
  • Lifetime access: With this course, you will enjoy unlimited access to high-quality e-learning materials and resources, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit content whenever necessary.
  • Expert tutor support: Benefit from this course’s unlimited email support from experienced tutors throughout your course journey, ensuring you receive guidance and assistance whenever needed.
  • Recognised certification: Upon successful completion of this course, receive accreditation from CPD UK and the Quality License Scheme, recognised by numerous professional bodies worldwide.
  • Perfect for: Ideal for teachers, facilitators, project managers, and professionals from various sectors, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel as a trainer and advance your career in training and development.

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Shape the future of education with this Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course – where great trainers are made!

We're offering you an Accredited Train the Trainer Online Course for just £10 saving you 66% off Lead Academy's price of £29 .

Comprehensive course for aspiring trainers

This accredited online train the trainer course is designed to equip aspiring trainers with essential skills and knowledge. You will learn various training styles, how to engage trainees, and the importance of training and development in a professional setting. By enrolling in this professional trainer development course, you will understand the roles of trainers, how to build credibility and rapport, and the use of effective non-verbal communication. This curriculum covers everything from planning and organising training content to handling different types of learners and managing classroom dynamics.

Course Modules:

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  • How to Start Your Class: Learn effective techniques for beginning a training session, setting the tone, and capturing participants' attention from the outset.
  • Hook Your Trainees: Discover strategies to engage and captivate trainees, ensuring active participation and retention of key information throughout the session.
  • Build Credibility and Rapport: Understand the importance of establishing trust and credibility as a trainer, and fostering positive relationships with participants to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Engage Your Trainees: Explore various methods to maintain trainee engagement and motivation, creating interactive learning experiences that encourage active participation.
  • Understand Your Trainees: Gain insights into different learning styles and preferences, enabling you to adapt your training approach to meet the diverse needs of participants.
  • Use Visual Aids Well: Learn how to effectively incorporate visual aids such as presentations, diagrams, and videos to enhance understanding and reinforce key concepts.
  • Teach All Learners: Develop inclusive teaching strategies to accommodate diverse learning abilities and preferences, ensuring that all trainees can effectively participate and succeed.
  • Ask Questions Effectively – Part 1: Master the art of asking thought-provoking questions to stimulate critical thinking and facilitate meaningful discussions among trainees.
  • Ask Questions Effectively – Part 2: Deepen your understanding of questioning techniques, including open-ended and closed-ended questions, to encourage active participation and assess learning.
  • Use Effective Non-Verbal Communication: Explore the role of body language, gestures, and facial expressions in communication, enhancing your ability to convey messages clearly and build rapport with trainees.
  • Manage The Classroom: Learn strategies for effectively managing classroom dynamics, maintaining discipline, and creating a positive learning environment conducive to learning.
  • Answer Questions Well: Develop effective communication skills to respond confidently and articulately to trainee questions, providing clear and concise explanations that address their queries.

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    • Vouchers are valid for redemption for 30 days from purchase date.
    • You will be eligible to access a certificate of achievement or other accreditation options if your pass rate exceeds 60% on each exam.
    • A printed CPD-accredited certificate costs £35, the PDF copy is free via email, and a Quality Licence Scheme accredited certificate costs £65.
    • Students have 12 months to complete the course from the day they redeem their voucher code.
    • May buy multiples as gifts.
    • Subject to availability.
    • Additional admin fee applies
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    This deal is brought to you by Lead Academy

    This deal is brought to you by Lead Academy