Choice of Bamboo or Wood Therapy Massage - Telford

£26 instead of £65 for a Bamboo or Wood Therapy Massage at Elephant Garden Massage Therapy - save 60%




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Choice of Bamboo or Wood Therapy Massage - Telford

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Save 60%!
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£26 instead of £65 for a Bamboo or Wood Therapy Massage at Elephant Garden Massage Therapy - save 60%


  • Wood and Bamboo Therapy Massage: Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation with the Wood and Bamboo Therapy Massage, where expertly crafted wooden tools or bamboo canes meet aromatherapy oils for a bespoke wellness experience.
  • Tailored rejuvenation: Achieve a personalised escape as Bamboo Massage adapts to your body type, using canes of varying sizes for targeted therapy, ensuring a harmonious balance between holistic treatment and soothing aromatherapy oils.
  • Fat-busting elegance: Wood Therapy harnesses the power of wooden tools for a vigorous massage that elegantly breaks down fat and cellulite, leaving you feeling revitalised, sculpted, and indulged in the aromatic essence of essential oils.
  • Sensory bliss: Elevate your massage experience with the infusion of aromatherapy oils, heightening the sensory pleasure during Wood and Bamboo Therapy. Immerse yourself in the soothing scents that complement the therapeutic touch.
  • Body harmony: With Bamboo Massage, experience a symphony of wellness as different-sized canes harmonise with your body, delivering a tailored treatment. Let the aromatic oils transport you to a state of tranquillity.
  • Holistic rejuvenation: Choose from wood or bamboo therapy for a holistic approach to well-being. These treatments not only sculpt and tone but also provide a sensory journey, leaving you feeling restored, revitalised, and deeply pampered.
  • Location: Head to Corbett Close in Little Dawley to use your voucher.
  • Timings: Mon - Fri, 9 am - 6 pm.

Full Details

Woodn't you like a massage that's knot just about relaxation but also a work of art?

We’re offering you a Choice of Bamboo or Wood Therapy Massage for £26, saving you 60% off Elephant Garden Massage Therapy’s price of £65.

Revitalise with wood therapy massage

Indulge in the rejuvenating experience of Wood Therapy, a dynamic massage technique that employs specially crafted wooden tools. These handheld tools are expertly used to break down stubborn fat and cellulite, promoting overall wellness. Wood therapy can be tailored to virtually any part of the body, providing a personalised and effective treatment. The therapeutic session is enhanced with the use of aromatic essential oils, ensuring a deeply relaxing and invigorating experience.

Bamboo therapy massage – a tailored holistic treatment

Experience the holistic benefits of Bamboo Massage, a unique treatment that utilises bamboo canes of varying sizes. Tailored to your body type, treatment goals, and the specific area being addressed, the therapist selects canes accordingly. The larger the area, the more substantial the bamboo cane used, ensuring a bespoke and effective experience. This holistic therapy not only nurtures the body but also incorporates the soothing touch of aromatherapy oils, enhancing the overall sense of well-being.

What sets Wood and Bamboo Therapy apart?

Wood Therapy employs wooden tools to perform a vigorous massage, breaking down fat and cellulite across the body. On the other hand, Bamboo Massage utilises bamboo canes of different sizes, customised for various body types and treatment areas. Both therapies incorporate the use of aromatherapy oils, offering a comprehensive approach to relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being.

This deal offers you:

  • Choice of Wood or Bamboo Therapy Massage
  • Vigorous massage techniques with wooden tools
  • Bamboo canes of different sizes for a tailored experience
  • Effective in breaking down fat and cellulite
  • Aromatherapy oils for a sensory-enhanced session

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This deal is brought to you by Elephant Garden Massage Therapy

This deal is brought to you by Elephant Garden Massage Therapy