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Thu Aug 06 23:59:59 BST 2015

Luxury Wedding Planner Course£19 instead of £299 (from JD Campus) for an online luxury wedding planner course - ring those wedding bells and save 94%

Collect 1,900 Club Wowcher points when you buy this deal
Save 94%
Time left to purchase


  • Take an online luxury wedding planning course.
  • Study 10 modules with video lectures, notes and exercises to work on.
  • Receive a certificate of completion from JD Campus, accredited by the British Accreditation Council.
  • Unlimited access for a full 12 months.
  • Study from home in your own time!
  • Receive assessments, feedback and support from subject tutors.

The Fine Print

  • May buy multiples.
  • Voucher valid for redemption until 31st Aug 2015.

Full Details

Do you spend your spare time watching reruns of wedding shows and searching quirky cake toppers on Pinterest? Reckon you could plan luxury weddings for a living but don’t know where to start? Then today’s deal could be a match made in heaven…

We're offering you an online luxury wedding planning course for just £19, saving you 94% off JD Campus’ price of £299 (correct as of 29.7.15).

Whether you’re looking for a career change, to set up a side business or just to pursue a hobby, if you’ve got an eye for the extravagant and a love for the luxury, don’t tie yourself in knots over where to start. With this online course, approved by the British Accreditation Council, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get you started in the wedding planning business. Study on your tablet, PC or even your smart phone and submit exercises at the end of each of ten fascinating modules. Learn to plan luxury weddings across the globe, study themes, flowers, and the art of freelancing. With feedback from a subject tutor you’ll be able to track your progress and could be ready to get planning within no time!

This course follows 10 modules:

Module 1 - Your role as a wedding planner

  • How to approach clients

  • The importance of excellence

Module 2 - Everything you need to know about wedding ceremonies

  • A guide to religious wedding ceremonies

  • A guide to civil ceremonies

  • Guiding clients: the etiquette

Module 3 - The perfect overseas wedding

  • The importance of planning and organisation

  • Overseas wedding checklist

  • Precautions

Module 4- Lavish themed weddings

  • Themed weddings: everything you need to know

  • Making the magic happen

  • A quick quite to popular themes

Module 5 - Organising supplies and staff for the big day

  • Outfit

  • Flowers 101

  • Preparations

Module 6 - Freelancing from home

  • Setting up: some easy steps

  • Freelancing and the law

Module 7 – How to manage your staff

  • A quick guide to management

Module 8 - Luxury event planning

  • Planning a luxurious event

  • Event planning from A to Z

Module 9 - Attention to detail

  • Organising a fabulous event

Module 10 - Interacting with others

  • How to manage interactions throughout an event

  • Access to photo gallery for décor ideas

How to Redeem

  1. When you’ve bought we’ll send you your unique wowcher code.
  2. Head to JD Campus’ site using the link we send you.
  3. Enter your wowcher code when prompted.

The deal can also entitle you to a Wowcher Wallet Credit. Click here for more info.