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How do I earn Club Wowcher points?

Instead of redeeming your wowcher with the merchant you may redeem it towards another deal or redeem for Wowcher Wallet Credit below.

For more information please visit Wowcher Wallet Credits.

How the Buy and Share scheme works

Buy and Share is a referral scheme that gives you the chance to earn Club Wowcher points by referring your friends to buy the deal you've purchased!

The basics

1. Share the deals you buy to social channels (like Facebook and Twitter) using the special link you get after you buy a deal.

2. If someone buys a deal after clicking this link, you'll get 200 Club Wowcher points!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I get referral points from all the deals?

A: No, not every deal will be eligible for Buy and Share points, so this will be made clear on the deal before you buy.

Q: Which social channels can I share to?

A: You can share to any social channel which you can link to using the "share" links on the Site. Similarly, you can email the special link using the email link on the Site.

Q: With Club Wowcher I can get 40 points for sharing a deal. Will I still get these points for sharing the deals after I buy?

A: Yes! You are eligible to receive 40 Club Wowcher points for sharing deals this way. However, if you refer after you buy using the special link you get, you will get more points! Please remember all actions are subject to the Fair Usage Policy: please see the Club Wowcher Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q: Someone bought a deal through my link. How long will it take for me to get my points?

A: Referral points are awarded 30 days after the purchase date to allow for any refunds that may be requested. Please note that if your friend does request a refund, you will not be eligible for any referral points.

Q: Is there a limit to how many points I can get through these links?

A: There is no limit to how many points you can earn from purchases made through your referral links, and if more than one person buys a deal through your referral link, you will earn 200 points for each person who makes a purchase. Hurrah!

Q: I bought a deal through my own referral link. Why haven't I got any points for this?

A: You are not able to earn referral points for buying a deal through your own referral link.

Q: Will my friend get points no matter which deal I buy through their referral link?

A: No, you must buy the same deal for them to get points.

Q: I shared a deal and my friend bought through the link, but I didn't get any points. What happened?

A: If you shared the deal before you purchased, then you won't get any referral points. Remember to share deals using the special referral links you get after you make a purchase, this way you will earn points if someone does buy through the link you shared.

Q: I bought a deal but didn't share it right away. Am I still able to share it and get points?

A: Yes! Go into your account and then go to the "My Wowchers" section. You'll be able to access the referral links for the deals you've bought here.

Q: Where can I see how many points I've earned from these referral links?

A: You can see the points you've earned in your Club Wowcher Profile.

Q: I clicked on more than one referral link. Which of my friends will get points if I buy a deal?

A: If you click on more than one of these referral links, the last referral link clicked will be honoured and this person will get points if you buy a deal.

Q: How can you tell who has clicked on a referral link and which is the last referral link?

We use cookies to track this activity. Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. For more information on cookies and our use of them, please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Q: What are Club Wowcher points?

A: Club Wowcher points are points that you earn by doing certain things on the Wowcher website, and you can trade these points for Wowcher Wallet Credit. Read more about how Club Wowcher works here: